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Investment Philosophy

The attitude of professional paparazzi

We take great pride in the caliber of our team, who are committed to carrying out due diligence in the manner of true professionals. After identifying enterprises with long-term competitive advantages, and ensuring that they are on the way to become industry leaders, we conduct thorough due diligence on them. Our analyst team conducts on-the-ground research by visiting companies, talking to suppliers, evaluating competitors, surveying the consumers, etc. Over the years we have made a concerted effort to understand the macro situations, industry competitiveness and valuations of various players who are in the same industry as the target companies. The whole process is to make sure we find truly excellent investment opportunities.

Concentrated investment

We channel investments into the best enterprises, which are naturally limited in number. Concentrated investments strategy demands critical stock selection strategy with thorough due diligence. We believe each investment needs to meet all the criteria set out for survival and the potential for becoming industry leaders. Such companies are rare, but restricting our investments to only the best companies is how we control risk and assure high return.

  There is no assurance that the investment process mentioned will consistently lead to successful investing.
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