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What Make Us Different?


We focus on finding excellent companies that can survive in the long run. These companies may have true intrinsic value that is still unrecognized by the market. History shows that by investing in these distinctive enterprises, shareholder value can be multiplied exponentially in the span of several years.

Highly disciplined

We employ Concentrated Portfolio Strategy which implies that our approach in stock selection and Due Diligence are critical for success. Our team scans thousands of companies across the emerging markets to find one or two possible investments. However, once we have confirmed the companies' virtues, we invest heavily.


We are patient investors and focus on businesses that can grow over the long term. We do not focus on the daily fluctuations in the asset values and we believe that the evolution of truly excellent companies might take several years. We are not looking for short-term explosive returns. We understand that chasing short-term return might harm our investors in the long run.

  There is no assurance that the investment process mentioned will consistently lead to successful investing.
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