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Fund Name Pure Heart Global Fund
Initiation Date March 18th , 2009
Fund Type Open-ended fund
Registration Cayman Island
Fund Manager Pureheart Capital Asia Limited and Pureheart Capital Pte Ltd
Fund Administrator SS&C Fund Services (Asia) Limited
Prime Broker and Custodian Citigroup Global Markets Limited
RQFII Local Custodian Citibank (China) Co., Ltd.
Auditor Deloitte & Touche
Base Currency USD
Minimum Subscription Amount USD 500,000
Subscription and Redemption Monthly
Lock Period 1 years
Fee Subscription fee: Up to 5% of subscription amount
Management fee: 1.5% of NAV, per annum
Performance fee: 20% with high water mark
Redemption fee: 2% within 1 year after fund subscription
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